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Fishing in Canada
All about fishing in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Canadian Fishing Associations and Foundations
List of Canadian Fishing Associations, Fishing Foundations, Fishing Clubs etc.
Fly Fishing in Canada
All about fly fishing in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Fish Species in Canada
List of the Top 20 most caught fish species in Canadian waters
Bass Fishing in Canada
All about bass fishing in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Ice Fishing in Canada
All about ice fishing in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
The Art and Science of Taxidermy
All about taxidermy in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Muskie Fishing in Canada
Canadian muskie fishing destinations in Northern Ontario and Manitoba offer some of the best musky fishing in the world. Muskie fishing in Canada includes the muskellunge and its cousin the Northern Pike.
Northern Pike Fishing in Canada
Canadian northern pike fishing destinations are located across the nation. Use our pike fishing tips when northern pike fishing in Canada.
Salmon Fishing in Canada
Canadian salmon fishing destinations can be found in the coastal waters and river systems of the country. Salmon fishing in Canada is more successful when using salmon fishing guides.
Sturgeon Fishing in Canada
Canadian sturgeon fishing destinations encompass many lakes and rivers. Get sturgeon fishing tips to reel in monster fish while sturgeon fishing in Canada.
Trout Fishing in Canada
Take a trip to one of many Canadian trout fishing destinations. Discover trout fishing habitats before trout fishing in Canada to locate the best steelhead fishing.
Spearfishing in Canada
Bowfishing and spearfishing in Canada are legal in certain provinces. Spearfishing equipment and Canadian spearfishing regulations are strictly enforced.
Fishing Charters in Canada
Do some deep sea fishing in Canada at one of the many fishing charter destinations. Fishing charters in Canada will ensure a successful fishing trip.
Fly-in Fishing in Canada
Canadian fly-in fishing destinations offer fly-in fishing lodges and fly-in fishing camps for quality fly-in fishing in Canada.
Walleye Fishing in Canada
Popular coast-to-coast Canadian walleye fishing destinations. See what all the fuss is about by pickerel fishing and walleye fishing in Canada.
Golfing in Canada
All about golfing in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Miniature Golf in Canada
All about minigolf in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Driving Range
All about golf driving ranges in Canada; their popularity, and how to get involved.
The Quest for Canada's Famous Wild Game
All about hunting in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Canadian Hunting Associations and Foundations
List of Canadian Hunting Associations, Hunting Foundations, Hunting Clubs etc.
Moose Hunting in Canada
All about moose hunting in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
The Art and Science of Taxidermy
All about taxidermy in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Hunting the Majestic Canadian Elk
All about elk hunting in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Bear Hunting in Canada
All about bear hunting in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Caribou Hunting in Canada
All about caribou hunting in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Deer Hunting in Canada
All about deer hunting in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Hunting Camps in Canada
Some of the best hunting in the world at Canadian hunting camps, lodges, and resorts. Canadian Outfitters are available at many hunting camps in Canada.
Bagging Canada's Prized Game Birds
All about duck hunting and good hunting in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Skiing in Canada
Skiing is a sport enjoyed worldwide, but is particularly popular in Canada. Where did it come from, and how can modern athletes try it for themselves? Find out in this informative article.
Ski Jumping in Canada
Ski jumping in Canada is a Canadian winter sport that includes sky-flying and summer jumping. Canadian ski jumping is a popular Canadian winter activity.
Ski Touring in Canada
Ski touring in Canada is a Canadian winter sport and is popular Canadian winter activity. Known as off-piste skiing, Canadian backcountry skiing, backcountry skiing in Canada or Canadian ski touring.
Cross-Country Skiing in Canada
A history and overview of cross-country skiing in Canada, from beginner's information to all the hotspots and gear you'll need to join in the fun.
Alpine Skiing in Canada
All about alpine skiing in Canada; its history, popularity, techniques, and how to get involved.
Snowboarding in Canada
A brief history of snowboarding in Canada, along with an overview of the sport's many competitions and events, as well as tips for beginners.
Snowmobiling in Canada
An introduction to the sport of snowmobiling and its history and modern manifestations in the Canadian winter activities arena.
Ice Climbing in Canada
The best ice climbing in Canada and possibly the world is in the Canadian Rockies. Canadian ice climbing offers the best ice climbing guides and ice climbing equipment.
Sleigh Rides in Canada
Sleigh rides in Canada will take through the countryside on horse-drawn sleighs. Canadian sleigh rides or sleighing is a great winter escape.
Snowshoeing in Canada
Enjoy the outdoors during winter by snowshoeing in Canada. Snowshoeing clubs and snowshoeing equipment rentals will help make your Canadian snowshoeing adventure a success.
Hiking in Canada
Canadian hiking offers hiking trails, hiking events, and hiking tours throughout the country. Hiking equipment is available when hiking in Canada.
Mountain Biking in Canada
Mountain biking in Canada offers Canadian mountain biking trails for downhill mountain biking, freeride mountain biking, and cross-country mountain biking.
Mountaineering in Canada
Mountaineering in Canada has some of the best mountain climbing locations in the world. Canadian mountaineering includes alpine climbing and big wall climbing.
Beaches in Canada
This is where you'll find the best beaches in Canada. Canadian beaches from coast-to-coast and a couple of nude beaches as well.
Bobsledding in Canada
Bobsledding in Canada began with tobogganing. Canadian bobsledding offers bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton racing.
Cycling in Canada
Canadian cycling offers you the bike trip of a lifetime on your next bicycle vacation. Cycling in Canada is the perfect biking holiday.
Hot Air Ballooning in Canada
Hot air ballooning in Canada offers spectacular scenery in a quiet setting. Canadian ballooning offers hot air balloon rides across the country.
Backpacking in Canada
Enjoy coast-to-coast backpacking trails while backpacking in Canada. Be sure to use proper backpacking equipment while on your Canadian backpacking adventure.
Apple Picking in Canada
Do your Canadian apple picking at one of the many u-pick apple farms across the country. Use our apple picking tips for picking apples in Canada and pick your own apples.
Bear Watching in Canada
Canadian bear watching tours include black bear watching, grizzly bear watching, and polar bear watching. Enjoy a polar bear cruise while bear watching in Canada.
Berry Picking in Canada
Coast-to-coast u-pick berry farms to enjoy berry picking in Canada. Pick your own berries or u-pick berries at your regional Canadian berry picking farm.
Fall Activities in Canada
Canadian fall activities include fall fishing and fall hunting. Fall activities in Canada include fall nature tours that are a sight to behold.
Family Activities in Canada
Come out and enjoy family activities in Canada. Canadian family activities include camping, fishing, skiing, and many more activities for families.
Sightseeing in Canada
Enjoy Canadian sightseeing tours while sightseeing in Canada.
Spring Activities in Canada
Canadian spring activities are many and varied to fit anyone's desires. Springtime allows you to shake off winter get active with spring activities in Canada.
Summer Activities in Canada
There are a wide range of Canadian summer activities to enjoy. Summer activities in Canada include those for the thrill seeker, the water enthusiast, the game hunter, the nature lover, and the active type.
Water Activities in Canada
Canadian water activities include fishing, surfing, and boating among others. Water activities in Canada include all water sports.
Winter Activities in Canada
Residents and tourists participate in Canadian winter activities and enjoy their favourite winter activity on a regular basis. Winter activities in Canada include skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling, and many more.
Flying in Canada
Discover the top reasons why you should take flying lessons in Canadian flight schools. this article summarizes the history of aviation in Canada, prominent pilots, how you can learn to fly using private airplanes, and how you can get helicopter flight training and be a certified pilot.
Dog Sledding in Canada
Canadian dog sledding uses sled dogs with dog harnesses driven by a Canadian musher through the Canadian wilderness. Dog sledding in Canada or Canadian dog mushing is used in the Canadian winter.
Bird watching in Canada
Bird watching in Canada is growing exponentially vastly due to the growing interest in Canadian birds. Canadian Bird watching is a great hobby and this guide will help you when you go birdwatching in Canada.
Bungee Jumping in Canada
Find out why bungee jumping in Canada is an oh-so-popular extreme sport. read to know for yourself how Canadian bungee jumping all began, the things you need to do a bungy jump. And before you break bones, we’ll give you safety tips as well.
Skydiving in Canada
Learn how skydive makes the canadian sport parachuting on top of others. read about the thrills of freefall, accelerated freefall, and where to get parachuting lessons. feel the fun of using parachutes and get to know the best skydiving drop zones in Canada.
Tobogganing in Canada
Tobogganing in Canada is a popular Canadian winter activity enjoyed by children and adults. Canadian tobogganing uses a toboggan to slide down Canadian toboggan hills.
Whale watching in Canada
Canadian Whale watching is a great past time, attracting hundreds and thousands of tourists each year. Canadian whales are known to be friendly and crowd pleasers. This guide will help you find the best places to locate Canadian whales as well as how you can recognize them.
Outdoor Ice Skating in Canada
Outdoor ice skating in Canada is a Canadian winter activity carried out in Canadian ice rinks or on Canadian frozen lakes. Canadian ice skating helped develop Canadian ice hockey.
Cottage Rentals in Canada
Renting a cottage? Canadian cottage rentals offer vacation homes, vacation resorts, and vacation rentals. For your next vacation enjoy cottage rentals in Canada.
Scuba Diving in Canada
Scuba diving in Canada offers some of the world’s finest scuba diving destinations. Whether you like marine life or shipwrecks, be sure you have thermal scuba diving equipment.
Surfing in Canada
Canadian surfing destinations offer surfing lessons at surf schools and surf camps. Surfing equipment rentals are available when surfing in Canada.
Windsurfing in Canada
Canadian windsurfing schools offer windsurfing lessons to all skill levels. Rent or buy windsurfing equipment and windsurfing boards while windsurfing in Canada.
Owning Your Own Log Cabin
Owning Your Own Log Cabin in Canada
Camping in Canada
Canadian camping offers outdoor adventures at many Canadian campgrounds. Enjoy water sports, hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing when camping in Canada.
Family Camping in Canada
Family camping in Canada offers many camping activities and family adventures. Camping in Ontario is a fun way to enjoy Canadian family camping.
Backcountry Camping in Canada
Enhance your survival camping techniques while backcountry camping in Canada. Canadian backcountry camping offers some of the best wilderness camping in the world.
RVing in Canada
Canadian RVing is an affordable vacation for the whole family. RVing in Canada is a cheap holiday at the many RV campgrounds.
Wilderness Camping in Canada
Experience Canadian wilderness camping at any of the coast-to-coast wilderness campsites. Take the proper wilderness camping supplies when venturing into wilderness camping in Canada.
Winter Camping in Canada
Winter camping in Canada is an ideal winter camping vacation. Be sure to bring essential winter camping gear on your Canadian winter camping trip.
Youth Camping in Canada
Youth camping in Canada includes adventure camps and specialized summer camps. Send your child on a trip of a lifetime to Canadian youth camps.
Boating in Canada
Boating in Canada offers a multitude of recreational boating destinations for all tastes. Canadian boating occurs on two oceans as well the Great Lakes system.
Rafting In Canada
Rafting in Canada provides you with an excellent opportunity to enjoy the scenery of the country. White water rafting is exciting, challenging, and offers you a great vacation for you and your family.
Kayaking In Canada
Kayaking in Canada brings you close to the water and the unique terrain of this wild country. Plus, you can enjoy canadian kayaking tours out in the open waters of the ocean where you can see dolphins, whales, and other unique wildlife.
Yachting in Canada
Canadian Yachting is the most popular form of yachting in the world. Canadian yachts are known to be sturdy and attractive, as well as available in almost all price ranges. This guide should help you find the best places to yacht in Canada as well as the best Canadian yachting clubs for you to join.
Canoeing In Canada
Canoeing in Canada is a great way to enjoy the wild beauty of the country. Canadian canoeing expeditions can range from relaxing trips through the waterways to exciting rapid runs with the properly outfitted vehicle.
Houseboating in Canada
Canadian houseboating destinations offer houseboat rentals for vacationers. Renting a houseboat is ideal for houseboating in Canada’s many lakes and rivers.
Sailing in Canada
Canadian sailing has many sailing destinations for sailing in Canada.
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