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Camping in Canada

Camping in Canada is a national pastime. People from all walks of life "get back to nature" with an annual camping trip. The most popular form is family camping at the many Canadian campgrounds and resorts.

Other popular forms of Canadian camping include: Family Camping in Canada

Family camping in Canada has given generations of families many cherished memories that last for a lifetime. Many Canadian campgrounds have swimming pools, miniature golf, and many other activities to keep your family "having fun". You can reserve a campground lot in one of the many National and Provincial parks or opt for a private campground.

There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy, whether they like fishing...hiking...boating...waterskiing...rafting...or canoeing. You can purchase a quality tent or rent a tent trailer or RV and hit the open road. Explore the vast wilderness and rid yourself of day-to-day stress by relaxing in the solitude of nature when camping in Canada. A tent doesn't necessarily have to cost too much, per example you could purchase these 2 person tents at affordable pricing.

Wilderness Camping in Canada

If you're an outdoorsman who enjoys adventure, look no further than wilderness camping in Canada. Hike into mountain backcountry...enjoy pristine lakes and rivers...backpack your way deep in the Ontario wilderness...and watch the wildlife go about their day. It is a wonderful experience as you realize that the original settlers had to live in these conditions for most of their lives.

Wilderness camping in Canada is not for the faint-of-heart. You'll have to possess survival training techniques and "loads" of stamina to make your trip an enjoyable one. The forests are deep and untamed…the wildlife is plentiful and "wild"...the rivers are fast…and the lakes run deep...there's nothing like it.

Winter Camping in Canada

If you're looking for an extreme adventure, then try winter camping in Canada. While you are cross-country skiing in Canada add a little more adventure and set up camp in the snowy wilderness. Experience the tranquility of the snow-covered landscape while you enjoy a meal at the campfire.

You really get to experience how peaceful nature is when you spend a few days in a winter wonderland. You can follow deer tracks in the freshly fallen snow as you snowshoe your way through the trees. Ice fish on the many lakes, pond, and rivers.

Winter camping in Canada is not for amateurs. It can be dangerous recreation and requires specialized knowledge to survive. When you know what you are doing, though, it can be an exhilarating experience. Find out what you are "made of" by experiencing Canadian camping in winter.

Youth Camping in Canada

Youth camping in Canada offers an assortment of activities and outdoor adventures that your child will remember for a lifetime. Witness whales in their natural habitat on the Bay of Fundy...explore the wilderness highlands of Ontario...Christian camping…canoeing, fishing, and other water sports...mountain camps in the Rockies...there is a youth summer camp for all interests.

It's good to expose children and youths to the magnificence of nature at a young age. They learn to survive by their wits, meet new and interesting friends from other areas, and participate in "teamwork" activities that will help them lead more enjoyable lives.

Rving in Canada

Canada is a vast, sparsely populated country that offers the opportunity to explore and meet new people. You can spend a good portion of your life exploring every nook and cranny of this great country. Due to the popularity of RVing in Canada, there are plenty of RV campgrounds available across the country.

A cross-country tour of Canada will take you into small towns and villages...vast tracts of wilderness…the scenic beauty of mountain ranges...and a multitude of outdoor adventures to keep you engaged.

Hunting Camps in Canada

Due to the vast wilderness, there are many hunting camps in Canada with guide services to help you down that trophy buck...moose and bears...and many species of waterfowl. In every corner of the country, you'll find excellent lodges and resorts that specialize in hunting recreation.

If you want to really "rough it" while hunting in Canada, there are many backcountry camps that take you deep in the wilderness. Fly-in hunting adventures are also available in many areas.

Canadian camping includes a wide variety of recreation from a nice relaxing family holiday by the lake to tracking a trophy buck…from the extreme conditions of wilderness and winter camping to the activity-filled days of a youth summer camp. RV through the scenic beauty of the Rockies and explore the Atlantic/Pacific coastal regions.

Whatever your holiday goals entail, camping in Canada will deliver. You can set up a base camp and do your exploring from there or hike, backpack, or cross-country ski your way to different campsites. Just be sure to be prepared if you are planning a Canadian camping trip in the wilderness.
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