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Golfing in Canada

The game of golf came to Canada with the immigration of the Scottish people in the early 1800’s. It is believed that the Scots were playing golf for about 300 years even before then. The first mention of golf in print in Canada was in 1826 in the Montreal Herald in which an invitation was extended to all men who would like to “perpetuate the remembrance” of Scottish customs join for a game of golf, and that clubs would be provided.

In 1873 the Montreal Golf Club was established. This was the first club for Canadian golfing, and the first on the North American continent, but certainly not the last. Shortly after there was a Canadian golf club formed in Quebec. The two Canadian golf clubs began to play each other in matches until more golf clubs began to spring up.

It wasn't until the 1890’s that women began to make their way onto the Canadian golf courses, which may be attributed to the invention of the bicycle. It was the bicycle that gave women the freedom to travel alone, and it was to the Canadian golf courses that they traveled. Golf for women became very popular in Canada. So popular, in fact, that the first women’s golf clubs were established in the early 1890's.

Since those days, golfing in Canada has become quite the popular sport. In fact, recreational golf is at an all time high, and competitive golf is closely following suit. In British Columbia there is so much ground covered with Canadian golf courses, both 9 holes and 18 holes, that there are complaints that there isn’t enough room for homes for people to live in. But the Canadian golfers certainly aren't complaining.

Golfing in Canada has become so popular that there are several golf vacations in Canada being sold in packages. One package even comes with salmon fishing as an added bonus to the day of recreational golf. Some golf vacations in Canada include golf swing training with Canadian golfing pros; others just include a couple of days of 18 holes.

Some popular destinations for golf vacations in Canada include British Columbia, Victoria and the Canadian Rockies. And these popular Canadian golf club vacations are surprisingly affordable, too. So, pack up your golf bags, putters and drivers, and your fishing pole if you choose the vacation package with the salmon fishing, and head up to Canada for your own memorable recreational golf vacation.

Victoria is probably the most famous place in Canada to golf because this is where it is believed that golfing in Canada began. Probably the most famous Canadian golf club is the Olympic View Golf Club, partly due to its beauty. But 9 holes aren't quite enough when you golf at Olympic View because you will miss the view. You will need to play all 18 holes in order to find the Japanese garden and 60 foot waterfall that sits behind the green of the 17th hole.

Canadian golfing isn’t just for men. Canadian Women Golfers Inc. is a competitive golf league just for women. It is located in the Ottawa, Ontario area and has a membership of more than 500 women golfers. The Royal Canadian Golf Association is host to the Canadian Women’s Tour at Sunningdale, and is also responsible for the start of the Golf Fore the Cure program, which is one of the largest recreational golf programs in Canada for women golfers.

The Royal Canadian Golf Association was the first to introduce competitive golf championship games to Canada and others were soon to follow. The Royal Canadian Golf Association is responsible for Senior Tours, Women’s Tours, Amateur Championships for men and women, as well as the Canadian Open.

At or near any of the golf resorts and clubs in Canada you will find a pro shop to buy your drivers and putters, and even your golf bags so that you can head over to some of the famous golf clubs of Canada. But you might want to practice up a bit at the driving range, or even at one of Canada's mini golf locations to work on your putting, because the Canadian golf courses aren’t a piece of cake. You might even want to invest in some golf swing training before hitting the course. Whether or not you get professional golf swing training, though, you are sure to enjoy your time at any of the Canadian golf courses.
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