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Snowmobiling in Canada

Enjoy skiing, but find your legs are awfully tired by the day's end? You might consider snowmobiling, an exciting winter sport that's taken Canada -- and the world -- by storm over the past few decades, adding an exciting experience to the collection of snow sports enjoyed each year. While less physically demanding than traditional skiing or snowboarding, Canadian snowmobiling offers participants a healthy dose of exercise amidst great opportunities for outdoor adventure. The snowmobile, or skidoo, as we know it today is the product of a long and mostly functional history, which began with the need to move people and objects quickly over large expanses of snow and ice. In the early twentieth century, several companies experimented with ski-equipped vehicles in an effort to create a working model. Many incarnations were produced, but the particularly wet snow found in southern Canada called for a Canadian solution, and this was achieved by Joseph-Armand Bombardier. This industrious inventor created a "caterpillar track" comprised of a setup of wheels, rubber, and cotton structuring to result in a method of movement perfectly suited to difficult terrain such as slush, ice, and the wet snowfields of Quebec.

Bombardier's models were adapted to public service vehicles such as ambulances, school buses, and other transports with a large carrying capacity, yet the basic concept of the snowmobile was refined by others over the decades until it became the compact, sporty machine we call to mind today. Bombardier's invention made such an important impact upon the transportation industry as well as the national landscape of recreational sports, that a museum has been erected in Valcourt, the site of the Ski-Doo snowmobile manufacturer, to honor his life and work. The museum features original plans, equipment, and techniques employed by Bombardier in the creation of his snowmobiles, and also features other fascinating items from his workshop, as well as exhibitions on the history of snowmobiles around the world. From its inception, snowmobiling in Canada has been a challenge and a joy. And snowmobiling in Canada today is one of the country's top tourism industries, attracting enthusiasts from every corner of the continent and the globe with its vast stretches of pristine winter landscapes and welcoming natural adventures. The machine itself has proven how valuable it is for winter transportation through Canada's ice and snow, yet snowmobile clubs and snowmobile outfitters throughout the nation speak to its modern popularity as a recreational activity.

Snowmobiling in Canada is popular along many of the same routes used for cross-country skiing, as they afford long expanses of easily traversable land and good season-long snow cover. From Newfoundland in the east all the way to western Vancouver, scores of southern trails are available for adventurous snowmobilers. But Canadian snowmobiling as a sport is not content to settle for a second trail alongside traditional skiing grounds. Snowmobile tours in Canada are an emerging new phenomenon, consisting of clubs or trained professionals who help to organize extended trips through some of the country's most awesome natural areas. A popular choice for snowmobiling holidays in Canada, these tours let beginners as well as seasoned riders experience new sights and new tactical challenges all while enjoying the safety and security of traveling with an experienced group. Snowmobile rentals in Canada are often a part of touring, and tend to be accompanied by basic safety and first-aid information, ensuring your experience is worry-free.

Many snowmobiling vacations in Canada revolve around organized tours that take advantage of the country's many miles of groomed Canadian snowmobile trails, which, while a little less rugged than the open wilderness, offer riders a smooth experience and are equipped with fun twists, turns, and obstacle courses specifically designed for the vehicles. Adventures enjoyed on groomed trails give participants all the thrill of the sport without any of the inconveniences or setbacks of riding solo through the backcountry. Snowmobile tour guides are an important component of the experience; in addition to providing technique training and safety information, these professionals can advise on proper clothing and accessories, aimed at addressing your specific insulation, vision, and maneuvering needs, and can arrange for special tour features such as heated shelters, rendezvous at fuel stations, traditional dining, and entertaining diversions. In fact, many multiple-day snowmobiling tours make use of these modern facilities, offering frequent respites from the cold and ensuring the distance is a fun rather than a frustrating feature of the tour. Whether you're inclined toward a long or a short-term adventure, Canadian snowmobiling packages have a great outdoor experience waiting for you.

Canadian snowmobiling has come a long way over the past century, transitioning from a vital and efficient mode of transport to an exciting recreational sport enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. One of the most popular winter activities in Canada, snowmobiling is matched only by skiing and snowmobiling, and offers an appealing advantage over both. Dog sledding in Canada and kick sledding in Canada are related activities, yet neither offers the speed or power of the snowmobile. To get started, consider whether you'd like to rent snowmobile in Canada or jump in and buy your very own, and join a club -- or a group of friends -- and set out to explore the splendor of Canada on ice!
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