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Winter Activities in Canada

The best way to get through a Canadian winter is to simply embrace it. You have to get out and enjoy winter activities in Canada. Thankfully, Canada was blessed with mountain terrain combined with vast areas of wilderness so that people can enjoy the extreme beauty of the land. Canadian winter activities keep you busy and physically fit through the winter season.

As the seasons change, so too do the activities we engage in. We put away the equipment from Canadian fall activities and unpack our winter equipment. The same will happen when winter comes to close and we begin to enjoy Spring activities in Canada. Summer activities and Canadian water activities will soon follow and the cycle will repeat. Of course, family activities in Canada are a year round schedule.

Canadian Winter Activities

On the Slopes

The Canadian Rockies are an ideal place to participate in winter activities in Canada, most notably, Canadian skiing. The Rocky Mountains are renowned for their alpine skiing runs and luxurious resort towns. Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper are the most popular skiing locations in the Rockies; however, there are smaller, less crowded runs as well.

Off-piste skiing, backcountry skiing, or ski touring are all terms for exploring the mountain wilds in search of the best powder snow conditions. Ski touring requires physical stamina and a good knowledge of backcountry survival techniques. Canadian heli-skiing is available in Alberta and British Columbia for those looking for pristine snow conditions.

Canadian snowboarding and heli-snowboarding are popular winter activities in Canada especially in the Alberta and British Columbia mountain regions. Canadian Monoskiing and skiboarding in Canada are two other popular alpine sports throughout the country.

Family activities

Outdoor ice skating in Canada has been passed down from generation to generation. Although there are ice skating rinks in almost every community there is nothing quite like skating on a frozen pond, lake, or river. There are plenty of groomed trails available throughout the country for Canadian cross-country skiing. Cross-country skiing is an ideal way to get cardio exercise during the winter months and as a bonus you get to experience the great outdoors.

Another way to stay active and experience nature is snowshoeing in Canada. There are marked trails available or you can snowshoe in any city, provincial, or national park. If getting all that exercise isn't for you then Canadian snowmobiling may be a more suitable form of transportation. Sightseeing tours on snowmobiles are popular winter activities in Canada.

Canadian tobogganing began with the natives as a form of winter transportation. It has evolved into a fun-filled winter activity that is enjoyable for children and adults alike. For a romantic getaway or a family outing, sleigh rides in Canada are the perfect vehicle. There's nothing quite like the peace and solitude of a late evening ride through snow-canopied trees and the snow crunching under the sleigh runners. Kicksledding in Canada is gaining in popularity as Canadian winter activities for the whole family.

Extreme sports recreation

There are always those individuals that have a need to push their limits when it comes to winter activities in Canada. Facing fear head on is where they get their thrills. If this is you and you have a need for speed then bobsledding in Canada may be the sport for you. Bobsledding tracks at the Calgary Olympic Park are available for sledding to the general public. Canadian ski jumping or summer jumping are thrill-a-second sports to get your juices flowing.

Snowkiting in Canada is an offshoot of kitesurfing. Normally performed on frozen bodies of water, you can also travel uphill when the wind is blowing in the right direction. Canadian mountaineering in the regions of British Columbia and Alberta are favourite winter activities in Canada for those hardy individuals that like to test their backcountry skills. Winter camping in Canada and Canadian ice climbing are challenging sports to test your limits.


You normally don't think of fishing when you think of winter activities in Canada. Natives and early European settlers had to fish year round to prevent starvation and now a hardy breed of individuals enjoy ice fishing in Canada as their primary winter activity. If that seems a little too cold for you and you want to get your fishing fix in, the milder temperatures of British Columbia offer deep sea fishing.

Due to the extreme weather, residents and visitors alike embrace Canadian winter activities to avoid "cabin fever" during the season. Warm clothing and an adventuresome spirit are two requirements to participate in winter activities in Canada. From skiing to ice skating, downhill to cross country, and from tobogganing to bobsledding, there is a winter activity for everyone. So shut off the TV and get out in the snow. You're physical health depends on it.
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